Platform agnostic clickable advertising for all kinds of motion picture from online to addressable that increases video service providers' Ad income and advertisers' ROI.

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We believe in uncompromised entertainment: Ads should not delay, interrupt or block unnecessarily to be effective. Just have to be well positioned.

SensAd boosts CTR by making Ads relevant by content, demographic, environmental, lookalike and behavioural targeting based on content recognition, BigData analysis, actionable insights and responsive performance monitoring.

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Why good for advertisers?

Reach out to the Y & Z generations.

We monetize Films, eSports, Kids and Sports content by recognising what game they play or what content they watch. With conversational commercial you can reach them on their preferred messaging platforms.

Reach out to SmartTV and STB viewers.

With our HbbTv solution we bring streaming video advertising patterns to broadcasting. TV viewers click on the color buttons on the remote and we deliver the click to a 2nd device as push notification to an app or website or an instant message.

Bid on TripleA slots manually.

Every industries have their own Super Bowl moment. Reach out to the masses on a film or episode premiere with maximum control on premium inventory buys.

Why good for video service providers?

Increase your AD income.

We recognise the content the viewer watches. We mix it in our BigData bowl with demographic, environmental, behavioral and lookalike predictive data to increase the targeting precision.

Reach new viewers with non-intrusive non-blocking advertising.

Switch to or introduce our non-intrusive non-blocking AVOD model to your portfolio to engage more viewers.

Monetize PVR views

Why would you miss an Ad opportunity? SensAd has Ad formats for PVR playback with the same targeting precision as linear.

Auction your AAA slots manually.

Scheduling a triple A premiere? Monetize it to the maximum! Put your content up to a manual auction before it appears to get advertisers compete on your most precious Ad slots.

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